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Iruelas Valley

The Cruisers

Valle de Iruelas

Iruelas Valley Nature Reserve

The Iruelas Valley was declared a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA) in 1991, a Nature Reserve in 1997 and a Site of Community Importance (LIC) in 2000.

Fauna: More than 200 species of vertebrates and endless invertebrates. To highlight the 150 species of birds that can be seen in the valley, including the Black Vulture and the Imperial Eagle. Vegetation: About 600 plant species and subspecies.

The Cruisers

In the 50s of the last century, the Asocio de Ávila Commonwealth built wood and resin factories in the Iruelas Valley and the town of Las Cruceras, where they lived.  the workers of the  factories. The Valle de Iruelas Rural Tourism Nucleus was born from the rehabilitation of Las Cruceras in 1996. The houses where the workers lived are today the Valle de Iruelas Rural Houses.



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